Fast Food

Rosa’s For Breakfast?
So this is really a thing! A friend sent this to me not too long ago and I thought maybe it was a joke or it was for a different area but it is 100% true! I looooove Rosa's so I'm really curious to see what the breakfast is like. That Ultimate Breakfast Taco is sounding pretty damn good to…
Which Restaurant Can You Eat At Several Times A Week?
I discovered that I have an addiction when it comes to fast food. I can eat at Chick-fil-A several times a week and not even bat an eye! I ate there for lunch on Monday and then again today and probably will do the same at least one more time this week. lol Does anyone else feel this way?
Who Has The Best Sweet Tea In The Area?
I had a friendly disagreement with a friend the other day over who has the best sweet tea in the area? Come on, we live in Texas and we love our sweet tea, that's a given but when it comes to my tea, if I have to add a packet of Sweet N' Low then it is definitely NOT sweet enough!
Has This Happened To You At A Fast Food Restaurant?
So I'm very curious to know if what happened to me at a certain fast food place, that shall remain nameless, has happened to anyone else? For the second time yesterday, I order my food, pay with cash and instead of giving me my change back in full, the person kept a $1 tip for themselves and ju…