How sad is it that I actually picked up the phone the other day to call a friend and ask her a question, she answers and says, 'are you feeling alright?' I'm like 'of course why?' Then it hit me, I actually CALLED her.

I never do that! I am the person that will let the phone ring, not answer it then TEXT and ask what's up? Sad, but true. Ever since texting has been around, I do NOT like to talk on the phone. There is nothing we would say over the phone that we can't text. Maybe it's a condition? 'Anti-phone itis.' I don't know but whatever it is, do not be offended. The only two people I will really answer the phone to, are my momma and my better half. (Nope, not even Leo!) It's not that I don't want to talk to you, just not have an actual phone conversation. lol Anyone else have this problem or condition?