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We Found More Boba!
My day has been made! Leo and I found a place that has boba, finally! There were a couple of places in the 4-3-2 years ago that had boba smoothies but they have since closed. So the only boba fix I could get was when I went out-of-town.
My Coworker Came To My Rescue
Whew! Thank goodness for coworkers who are prepared! I was starting to feel a tickle in my throat and the mocos flowing so I went around the building looking for something, anything to take care of it. My coworker said bam! I got you!
Who Knew This Was Still Being Sold?
As I was walking down the shampoo aisle at the store the other day I came across this! I had no clue Prell shampoo still existed? I'm pretty sure someone in my family used it back in the 80's and honestly hadn't even given it a second thought until I saw it on the shelves!
What Do Guys Want For Valentine’s Day?
OMG we are officially 9 days away from Valentine's Day! Fellas, in case you haven't given it a second thought, you might want to start. I think guys have it easy when it comes to buying the 'perfect gift' for their significant other. Flowers, card, candy, dinner, jewelry, any or …
The Flu Has Hit Our Household
This flu epidemic is no joke peeps! Unfortunately, as you can in the picture, my kiddo took a flu test at the Dr. and boom, the flu has now hit our home. I kept saying it wasn't going to but it did and the thing is, the 'typical symptoms' were not even there...

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