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HEB 16th Annual Feast Of Sharing Is Tonight
If you do not already have plans for dinner this evening, let me invite you to the 16th Annual H-E-B Feast of Sharing holiday dinner. Yes it is that time of year! A time in which H-E-B gives thanks to its customers and desires to bring together family, friends and neighbors for their beloved an…
Who Does Most Of The Cooking In Your Household?
Today's aye aye holiday is National Men Make Dinner Day! Thank you whoever makes these crazy holidays up. lol In some cases, ladies need a break. In others, the man does all the cooking anyway, which is cool too, in that case, flip the switch!
Too Early For The Tree?
Ok so today is officially the start of the holiday season and I have a question? When is it considered too early to put up the Christmas tree? I have a family member who legit put theirs up 2 days ago and I'm thinking, hmmm not a bad idea....
Halloween Candy I Don’t Dig
Halloween is manana and if you are a parent with trick-or-treaters like myself, you're mentally preparing yourself for the pounds of candy your littles are going to attempt to collect. lol

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