Recently, our media partners Newswest 9, did a story on a local restaurant that is said to be haunted. Now I'm the biggest  'scaredy-cat' you will ever meet, but stories like this fascinate me. lol

Newswest 9

You must watch the video to see what some of the employees say they have experienced while working there. The glass rings on the tables, the chairs being moved around like someone is sitting in them. Really? No thank you. I prefer to dine alone! I did not see the figure they were talking about in the picture. Did you see it? Or the female voice trying to come through? Creepy but cool.

The one experience I had was when Leo and I went to the cemetery one Halloween was enough to make me rethink a career in ghost hunting for sure! I've heard of other places in the 4-3-2 that are haunted just like the Barndoor Steakhouse in Odessa. Do you know of any? Share your stories with us on our Facebook page.

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