All weekend long I did something that I absolutely HATE to do. Paint.

We painted a couple of rooms in our house and I immediately questioned why I didn't pay someone to do it number one...and number two I now know why I'm not the type of person that changes colors in their house all the time. I talked to a relative of mine who said, 'oooh I love to paint!' I don't honestly think we are related, I think she is from another planet. lol

Who could love having to deal with the drop cloths, worry about too much or too little on the roller, or is it the brush I'm supposed to be using? What is primer and why did someone suggest I use it? And the trim? Forget it! This girl will have a mess and leave it as is. If anyone has any painting tips that you think would come in handy as we wrap up the 'transformation' in our house, feel free to throw in your two cents.