Not quite as long as I can remember but pretty dang close, The Defcon haunted house has been a 432 tradition. Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year and always has been since I was a very small child.

I was born in Midland but moved a lot as a child. I remember in east Texas when I was 7 going to home made haunted houses all over town while trick or treating. They even had this one that much like Defcon had a reputation for being the best called "The Haunted Trail". With no shortage of foliage in beautiful Kilgore Texas, the forest made an amazing back drop for probably the most scary haunted tour of my childhood.

Defcon is the same for the Basin. We have no shortage of industrial buildings and are no strangers to the many hazardous chemicals associated with the oil field. Defcon is actually still to date on of the best run haunted houses I've seen. It makes me jump every single time I go through and if I build up a tolerance I just take a girl with a fear of clowns to Circus of the Dead and things get really fun really fast.

Yes, of course you can be that typical guy who always has trash to talk about our own home attractions and say "Well, actually in (insert name of different place they think is better here) they do it way better", but I prefer to take pride in where I'm from and the efforts people take to make sure we have entertainment in our own home town.

I'm going to Defcon for sure and I hope to see you guys there. The 432 has a ton of things to do all year. Keep it locked in to b93 and I promise you'll never be bored on the weekends. We are constantly telling our local listeners where the party or the fun is at.