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    My mother is the best because she raised me on her own without any help with my father. She worked all the time, but made sure to spend time with me and motivate me throughout my whole life! Not only is she the best mother, she is absolutely the best grandmother! She's with me and my kids every weekend and loves them unconditionally! While we may not look alike we act just alike! She's wonderful! I could not pass this opportunity up to recognize her for all the hard work she has done and amazing person she is!

    B93 Mother's Day 1
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    My mom is the best because not only is she a mom of a 16 and 10 year old, she is also a college student. My mom works full time as a Therapeutic Apheresis Nurse; there are only two in the Midland/Odessa and Lubbock area. Not to mention that she helps her co-workers at United Blood Service. My mom also makes time for her studies and family. Her two daughters are both cheerleaders and yet my mom is always there for us whether it's in spirit or person. My mom never has down time so she keeps making her way through the vines! I'm proud of my mom and I love her to the moon and back. My mom is the best!

    B93 Mother's Day 2
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    This selfie was taken at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston last Spring, the day my mom was released from her first chemo treatment for Leukemia. She was strong and fought it with chemo until her last treatment in Oct 2013. Today, she is in remission and doing great! She taught me and our whole family what it is to struggle, come out on top and love the whole way through. She is a blessing to us and everyone that knows her. She is the MOST deserving person I know!

    B93 Mother's Day 3
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    First off, let me just start off by letting you know this is not a sad story. My mother died when I was 9 years old, she had been battling breast cancer for almost a year. She was and still is my hero and in the words of Tupac, "There’s no woman alive who can take my momma's place", but now at the age of 24, there is a woman who comes pretty darn close. Amanda is my aunt and she stepped in and adopted me and my two siblings. She already had two children of her own so in total she was raising with the help of my uncle. She is an inspiring woman with a heart of gold. She has always been an encouraging woman and has been a person to look up to from the moment she made me her daughter. She has never made me feel any less than her own. I could never repay this woman and all she has done for me and my family. She deserves all these prizes and so much more.

    B93 Mother's Day 4
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    My mama is the best in the west of 432! You know why? Because she is awesome, beautiful, talented, wonderful woman. This woman has always been there for me from thick to thin. Me and my mom are very close. She is my best friend in the whole wide world ;) I love you mama! Te amo muchooooooooooooooooo!

    B93 Mother's Day 5
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    My name is Nikita and I'm a 27 mom of 7 year old twin girls! My girls mean everything to me. I work overnights just so I can attend every event in my baby girls' lives. I had my girls at 19 and they changed me for the better. Not only have I taught them a lot, but they have taught me also. I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

    B93 Mother's Day 6
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    She is the best because she will do anything to me while she has the time and provides for me. I'm little but I know she will be their every step of the way.

    B93 Mother's Day 7
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    My mom is the best in the 432 because she's the most amazing, caring person ever! She's both my mother and father although I have a step dad now but when she had me, she had no man in her life to support her and she made it all on her own. I look up to her so much because no matter how hard it was, she always tried her best to get me what I needed growing up. I'm 19 years old and she still finds away to make me birthday parties lol! She's my best friend! Our relationship is the best and I am thankful we're close!

    B93 Mother's Day 8
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    I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for my momma. She helped me raise my children for me (so I could) go to school and become a nurse. She is the most genuine person you will ever meet. Everyone that meets her loves her. There is no other person I would rather have as my mom than the one God gave me!! She is the best :)

    B93 Mother's Day 10
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    My mom is the best because she makes me feel comfortable to talk to her as if we were friends. But she's more than a friend. She's the best I could ever ask for and wouldn't trade her for the world. I love her more than cookie monster loves his cookies!

    B93 Mother's Day 11
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    My mom's the best in the 432 because she has been through it all with and for me! From waking up at 4 am while 9 months pregnant just to WALK to work so she could be on time (because she was a single mom) to taking care of my every need when I broke my arm at 18. She had to bathe me, clothe me and tend to my every need. She never once complained! I love my momma!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 9
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    My mom is the best in the 432 because she's been there by my side to be my best friend, the best advice giver, my guardian angel, my everything! Through thick and thin, always there to be the BEST momma and daddy to my brother and I! She deserves this Mother's Day gift and so much more after everything she's given, provided and sacrificed for us! Love you to the moon and back momma!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 12
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    My mother is the best in the 432 because having the best mom is not about having a mom who gets you everything you want, or let's you do everything you want to do. It's more about raising a strong lady, teaching her right from wrong, giving her the best advice for her to be absolutely ready for whatever the world throws at her! In the most honest words, I will say that me and my mom did (and still do) have some hard times understanding each other but the more I grow, the more I realize how thankful I am for having a mother that raised me the right way. If it weren't for my mom's strict and rightful ways, who knows what would be of me? Without my mother, I'd honestly be nothing! I've made my mistakes too but my mom has always forgave me. There is no other woman like my mother in this world that compares to the way I feel about her. I love my mother to death. I'd do anything for her and I thank her for all her sacrifices towards me and my siblings. Best mom in the 432 and even the world!

    B93 Mother's Day 13
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    My momma is the best because she's the most courageous woman out there! I can count on her for everything. Raising me must have been hell for her because she was both mother and father for me holding 2-3 jobs just to have a roof over my head and clothes on my back! My momma deserves the world in my eyes. She's never won anything like this before and I thought this could make her feel just that much special :)

    B93 Mother's Day 14
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    My moms the best because she takes care of me when I'm sick. She loves me a lot!!!! She always hugs and kisses me. Me and her forever!!

    B93 Mother's Day 15
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    My mom's the best because she is a very strong, independent, hard working person. She raised me and my brother as a single parent and worked two jobs. I didn't know at the time the hardness and dedication it took to be a mother until I had kids of my own. She deserves to win but not only does she deserve that, she deserves so much more from me. I respect her more than anything and that's something that comes from within and is priceless.

    B93 Mother's Day 16
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    My mom is the best because she loves to hit Osaka's and drink with me and my friends, and stay hip and young and still works hard to take care of me, the house and her own J.O.B!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 17
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    There is no other like my Mother! The best...hands down!!

    B93 Mother's Day 18
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    My mom is truly beautiful inside and out. She has always been a model of strength, kindness, and courage. She has been a great mother and grandmother, and has always loved unconditionally and believed in me even at times when I did not believe in myself. Her example has also guided me in raising my sons into outstanding young men of strong character.

    B93 Mother's Day 19
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    She is always there for me and my brother and sister. She works her butt off to maintain and is 8 months pregnant and never complains. She always know how to make us smile and make sure we have what we need she is our best friend and without her we wouldn't know what to do or where we'd be in life. She is our best friend but most of all our mom!! The best in 432

    B93 Mother's Day 20
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    She's a mother of eight and never depended on a man to help her raise us. She is the best Mom in the 432 because even when she is sick (high blood pressure), she still goes to work and helps out the elderly. She thinks about everyone else and not herself. She's my hero! :)

    B93 Mother's Day 21
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    My mom is the best because she cares about me she keeps me safe from all of my worries. She is the best mom in the whole entire world.

    B93 Mother's Day 22
  • 23


    She's real, always blunt, beautiful, smart, taught me how to be a lady and make tortillas. We do everything together even got pregnant together. She is awesome and deserves this!

    B93 Mother's Day 23
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    She's very generous and has always been there when me and my kids need her. She has a very big heart and will help whoever is in need. She is just wonderful, and I don't know what or where I would be if I didn't have this lady in my life. She's the best mom anyone could ask for.

    B93 Mother's Day 24
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    Because she has supported my brother, my sister and me since day one. She is a strong and independent women and deserves the best! We Love Her! (:

    B93 Mother's Day 25
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    My mom is the best because she has been there for me through thick and thin. She is the mom of three and no matter how much we annoy her, she still shows the love she has for us. My mom is my best friend. I can talk to her about anything. She is a strong woman. Never let's the little things get to her. No matter how tired she is, she always finds time for us. My mom it just absolutely amazing.

    B93 Mother's Day 26
  • 27


    My mother was and always my rock!! Even when my father passed away, she kept us together through the hardest times. She is a mother and grandmother of 4 kids and 9 grandkids, She's awesome! She recently passed away from a disease that was not curable, I was by her side since they diagnosed her with pulmonary fibrosis! SO she was the best mother I could have been blessed with!!! Because even when she was in the worst days ever, she still had a smile on her face and tears in her eyes! She would tell me not to worry. Things will be okay! Even though I won't spend Mother's Day with her in person, I will have her near my heart! So that's why I have the best mother! Happy Mother's Day Virginia Franco!! Hope in Heaven you can see and hear me!!

    B93 Mother's Day 27
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    My mom is the best mom in the world because no matter how hard circumstances become, she remains steadfast. She loves me without condition and she hopes when all hope seems lost. I don't know what I would do without my mom. She's simply the most amazing person ever!

    B93 Mother's Day 28
  • 29


    My mom is the best because I love her alot. My moms the best because daddy says so. My moms the best because I said so.

    B93 Mother's Day 29
  • 30


    My mom has been there for me through everything and anything. Little things like last minute outfit changes to boyfriend advice. We have such an open relationship, and I know if I ever need someone to talk to she would always be there. She's not only my mom but one of my best friends.

    B93 Mother's Day 30
  • 31


    My mom is the best mother in the world! She puts Up with me when I'm mad, she's there when I'm sad, she gives me the best advice! My mom is my best friend I could ever ask for and she is also the best grandma to my daughter. I love you mom more than you will ever know!

    B93 Mother's Day 31
  • 32


    My mother has always been by side and supported me 100% in everything I wanted to do. She has taught me to be independent by learning from all the hardships we had to go through during my childhood. When she was pregnant with me, many people told her she should not have me because I was a mistake. 18 years later, I am a college student working towards getting a forensics degree as well as a gymnastics coach. My mother has done an awesome job at being the best parent she can be and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

    B93 Mother's Day 32
  • 33


    My mom is seriously THE BEST in the 432, She has always been there for me when I needed anything, When I went through my pregnancy and had my son, she had put him and I first, even before herself. To this day, she still manages to give me the best advice, the help God knows I need, not only physically, but mentally & emotionally! She is so kind-hearted and wouldn't hurt a fly, She's been through so much in her life, and wants nothing but the best for my brother and I! I don't know what makes her stand out, if it's her courtesy, honesty, love for others or her beauty! I love my mom so much and she deserves nothing but the best! With that being said, I hope she can be blessed with this awesome prize pack for Mother's Day! She deserves it! I love you momma!!

    B93 Mother's Day 33
  • 34


    My mom is the best she has gone through a lot for me. I love her to death! I would take a bullet for her! I will never ever leave her behind!

    I love you Mommy!

    Sincerely your daughter

    B93 Mother's Day 34
  • 35


    My Mommy. She is the most wonderful, loving, caring human being to ever walk this earth. She is my everything. She cares for myself, eldest brothers and all 9 grandchildren. She does what she can to make us happy. Growing up, she gave me all that she could and I'm so grateful for that. She is mommy, best friend, my everything and this mother's day and every day I want to show her how much I appreciate her.

    B93 Mother's Day 35
  • 36

    Jo Anna

    I believe my mom is the best because she isn't just my mom, she's also my best friend. I look up to the strength this woman has. She helps me with my babies so I can get through nursing school even though she has a full plate of her own. Her own full plate includes running her own business of a beauty shop, being the best mother she can be to her kids and her grandkids and also taking care of her dad after his recent survival of a hemorrhagic stroke. She may have a lot going on and days may seem rough sometimes but she gets through it with a smile on her face. Non the less I was unbelievably blessed with the best!!

    B93 Mother's Day 36
  • 37


    She helps those in need of help and she cares for others. She is a wonderful women who will go through anything to help you. She always knows how to make me smile when I'm down and has taught me right from wrong. She's my role model and I wanna do and be what she is.

    B93 Mother's Day 37
  • 38


    My mom is the best in the 432 because no matter what happens, she's always there and supports my decisions. She's not only the best mom in the world but is truly my best friend. I love you mama!

    B93 Mother's Day 38
  • 39


    Because my mom is super awesome and works two jobs to help support me.

    B93 Mother's Day 39
  • 40


    My mom is the best because she is a single mom raising me and my brother and works hard to give us what we need and she always puts us first before herself and i would love for her to win she deserves it and also deserves the world. She is the best in the 432!

    B93 Mother's Day 40
  • 41


    She is the mother of a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy who annoy the living daylights out of her, but still manages to keep her cool and love us more and more each day. When she's not dealing with us, she is teaching 9th grade Biology at Crockett Junior High. If you were to ask any of her former students about her, they would say they miss their favorite teacher and plus she's AMAZING!!! So, she deals with teenagers 24/7. She donates monthly at our church, St.Elizabeth Ann Seaton, and is active member of the church! My mom thinks of herself as a queen so this Mother's Day, she should be treated as one!

    B93 Mother's Day 41
  • 42


    My mom is a fantastic teacher. She doesn't stop until the kid understands and gets it. She thrives for her kids. She truly cares that they learn as much as they can. She also has taught me many great lessons in life.

    B93 Mother's Day 42
  • 43


    My mom is the best because she's always thinking of others and has a job that doesn't pay her. She's a doctor when I am sick, she's a cook when I am hungry, she's a maid when I need my clothes washed ,she's a plumber when the sink is clogged, she's a taxi when I need to go places, but best of all, she's my loving, caring, adorable mom. She has a lot of jobs and never asks for anything in return. That's my mom.

    B93 Mother's Day 43
  • 44


    She is willing to give you the shirt off her back and the last dime she has to make you happy. She is my best friend and always will be. She has helped me through more problems than I can count. I couldn't ask for someone better to look up to.

    B93 Mother's Day 44
  • 45


    My mom is amazing she has done everything for me and my brothers. Just with her smile, she can make your day. I love her with all my heart for being the best mom. She not only makes a best mom for me but my friends can also tell you that she is like a mom to them. She makes everyone feel like they are family :)

    B93 Mother's Day 45
  • 46


    Because she always takes care of everyone else. She has my grandma living with her.  My baby, fiance and I have lived with her. She has five dogs she loves. She has always worked two or three jobs. She's the most amazing woman I know and she loves me and my daughter more than anything in the world. She really deserves to win!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 46
  • 47


    The reason my mom is the best in the 432 is she's such a strong loving caring woman that's beautiful inside and out having to raise a kid on her own till I was the age of 12. Every time I've needed her, she's been by my side. She taught me right from wrong even when I didn't always do the right thing. She never left my side. She supports my goals and dreams with everything I do and has always had a smile on her face. She never complains or ever has a frown on her face. She's my rock, my shoulder to lean on, and life wouldn't be life if she wasn't her by my side. I could go on and on about how amazing this woman is. Even if she doesn't get picked to win, I just wanted to share a little bit about her and be able to share to others how amazing and simply beautiful she is to me.

    B93 Mother's Day 47
  • 48


    My mom is the best because no matter where life takes us, she is always there for me no matter the situation. My mom is down for us like four tires on a car.

    B93 Mother's Day 48
  • 49


    She is a single mom with four kids. She has always worked extremely hard to provide for us. She never gets to spend money on herself because she always buys what we need. I love my mom so much and wish she knew how much we really appreciate her.

    B93 Mother's Day 49
  • 50


    She's accepted me through the good and bad. She's my best friend but yet has that strict mom voice. All she wants is the best for you and has always provided a safe and secure home.

    B93 Mother's Day 50
  • 51


    Because she loves me.

    B93 Mother's Day 51
  • 52


    She's the best mom. She used to be a single mom for a long time. She'd work two jobs sometimes for me and my brother. Anything we need, she always made sure we had.

    B93 Mother's Day 52
  • 53


    My mom is the best mom ever because she raised her kids, then took her time and raised me since I was a baby. She is a wonderful woman God put in mine and my kids’ lives. Even though she is my grandmother, in my eyes, she is and always will be my one and only mother! This is why she is the best mother.

    B93 Mother's Day 53
  • 54


    My mom is the best mom because she had me at a young age but she did everything in her power to give me and my brothers and sister what we needed.

    B93 Mother's Day 54
  • 55


    My mother and I are absolute best friends! I am 20 years old and she is 33. She was pregnant at 12 years of age and had me at age 13! My mom is my role model. She has been through more then you could imagine and has done an amazing job raising me and my 3 younger siblings. She's worked hard her whole life and deserves something special for mothers day to show her how great of a job she has done.

    B93 Mother's Day 55
  • 56


    Because my mom has been through so much this year and last year and still goes on with doing for myself and my brothers and sister. My mom has lost her mother and still to this day, she has not had time for herself or even shed a tear for her own mother. My mommy deserves this a lot.

    B93 Mother's Day 56
  • 57


    She's a super mom! She's a wife, mother, teacher, and sales clerk! She has unconditional love. She does more for others than herself. She gives and does her best to support me and my sister! She deserves to be pampered!

    B93 Mother's Day 57
  • 58


    There is no other like her. She is a one of a kind mother and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

    B93 Mother's Day 58
  • 59


    My mom’s the best because no matter what I've done, she has always been the first one there to make everything better. She's always listened and taken care of me when I can't take care of myself.

    B93 Mother's Day 59
  • 60


    She does everything for me. She is a hard worker and has a big heart. I think she deserves this because she is 8 months pregnant & she needs to let some stress get off of her shoulders.

    B93 Mother's Day 60
  • 61


    She loves us.

    B93 Mother's Day 61
  • 62


    Mi madre always tries to do the best for her family and her community. She also helps her church by giving free first communion classes to low income families in area. She has been doing this for over 15 years. She has done her best to raise 5 girls. She is always there to give her advice as a mother. I am the youngest of five girls & I moved to Midland so I don't get to see her as much but she's always in my thoughts.

    B93 Mother's Day 62
  • 63


    My mom is the best because no matter how busy she is on making her cakes, she always makes time for me and my sister. I love helping my mom with her cakes, especially with the one in the pic. The dinosaur cakes roar!!

    B93 Mother's Day 63
  • 64


    Jennifer has raised me on her own without help from my father whatsoever. She allows me and helps me get to travel to Nicaragua and do the things I love like helping people. My mom would never do anything to intentionally hurt anybody, and even though we aren't the most well off people, see does anything she can to get food on the table, a roof over my head and a smile on my face. I love my mom and think she deserves the very best.

    B93 Mother's Day 64
  • 65


    B93 Mother's Day 65
  • 66


    My mom is affectionate, and caring, but not overbearing. She is fun, but still sets the rules. She is a good listener and very relatable. She is my role model. My mom is very accepting and supportive of all my wishes and dreams. She is a strong woman. She is my best friend.

    B93 Mother's Day 66
  • 67


    My mom is my queen. She is caring and my best friend. She is fun, but still sets the rules. She is a good listener and very relatable. She is my role model. My mom is very accepting and supportive of all my wishes and dreams. Always there in good and bad. She is my everything. God bless her and all mothers.

    B93 Mother's Day 67
  • 68


    My momma is such an amazing woman. We have been through much and yet she still smiles and laughs. We recently lost my dad, but when you see her, you don't see pain or hurt, you see strength and courage now she is a single mom with four kids and she makes us all so proud. She never has let us down she may not have a cape but she will always be my hero.

    B93 Mother's Day 68
  • 69


    My mom is the best mom because she will go out of her way just to make YOUR day. She never has anything bad to say about a person. She is the most caring person I have met. She raised me as a single mother and did anything just to see me smile. She is all I have. I don’t know what I would do without her. I love you mom. Not only are you the greatest mom but she is also a wonderful grandma to my kids.

    B93 Mother's Day 69
  • 70


    She works 24/7, always putting others first before herself. If only I could ever repay the favor.

    B93 Mother's Day 70
  • 71


    My mother is one strong, amazingly beautiful, woman. She has not only raised me, but my two siblings as well as her six grandchildren! She's always been there for me, my sister and brother. She has been through the ringer I tell you after losing my father, her husband of 23+ years in 2011. She herself did not just go through one surgery but nine different life threatening surgeries where she could not be a part of my father’s goodbyes, his funeral. I know it aches her heart daily, yet she smiles at us every day and constantly tells and reminds all of us how much she loves us. She is one amazing mother! I want her and the whole wide world to know!!! She definitely deserves this and more!!!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 71
  • 72


    My mom is the best support system anyone could ask for. She is an amazing woman and has been by my side through thick and thin!! And even at my worst days, she continues to keep me focused. I love her with all my heart :) This pic is of 3 generations of awesomeness!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 72
  • 73


    My mom is the best because she took my sister and me in when I was 9 and my sister was 6. She is MY MOM and I won't trade her for the world!!! She loves me and I love her! Even though she isn't my birth mom, it's like she is one. We have been with her for 4 years! We have been through ups and downs, the best days and worst, and we have had a long journey together!!! "Mothers and daughters - they always share a special bond - though near or far apart - the words that would describe it - are written in the heart." I wouldn't have had a mother if it weren't for her!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 73
  • 74


    My mom is the best because first, she has been a single parent to two girls that have not been the easiest to deal with. She is very humble, yet super blunt at the same time and does not cover for me or my sister. She is REAL mescan :) and can cook like no other mom can and can be put to the test. She is a good friend and always has good advice even if it’s not what I want to hear. She always puts her kids first and she has had things that she wants for herself but always seems to hold back and I think that it’s about time she has something nice done for her because she deserves it for being a mother and father at once I Love You Mom MWUAH!!

    B93 Mother's Day 74
  • 75


    The reason my mom should win is because when I was 6, my dad died and my mom was always there for me. Times haven't been easy for us but we stick together. She works really hard to pay for my dance classes which she says are really expensive, more than a house payment or something. Anyways I hope you pick my mom because she's never got anything special on Mother's Day and I want so bad to surprise her because she's my best friend & so wonderful.

    B93 Mother's Day 75
  • 76

    Amy Beth

    Because she is ElvisLilSis!!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 76
  • 77


    My mom’s my hero. She’s a single parent to four kids and does everything for us. She's worked till the day she gave birth to us and even drove herself up to the hospital. She's my best friend. I love my mom. None of the dads are there to support, but my mom does everything, gives us everything we need and she puts herself last for us. I love my mom. She's a very hard working woman. She's worked since she was 14. I look up to her. I'm pregnant and she made a new room for the baby. She's even helping me out. Words cannot explain how strong and great my mom is. She's my hero.

    B93 Mother's Day 77
  • 78


    She is the strongest, sweetest woman I know and we have our silly moments together.

    B93 Mother's Day 78
  • 79


    My mother is the best because she has taught me how to be the best mom I could be to my son. She helped me in the toughest time getting pregnant at a young age and still being able to graduate high school. She loves her children and grandson with all heart. She puts us first and makes sure we have the best possible lives. She makes me strive to be a better young woman to accomplish all my dreams. This beautiful mother has an amazing heart. She's loving and the best mother I could ever ask for. I'm so thankful I have a wonderful mother to help me become who I want to be and the best person I can be.

    B93 Mother's Day 79
  • 80


    My mother is the best ever because she has always been there for me no matter what. My mom is my true hero and I am so blessed to call her my mom. I know I can always count on her. My mom always makes sure that I am okay and that I have the best, always. My mom has worked so hard for everything she does. I know my mom is my #1 fan. I love you mom forever and always.

    B93 Mother's Day 80
  • 81


    I have the best mom. So many words can’t describe it. I’ll try to put it into words lol. This woman has always been there when I needed her good or bad. Nothing I do can thank her enough for all that she has done for me. Now that I have my little family, she continues to be the same mother I've always had. When I turn to the right, I know my best friend will always be there. The one person I can ALWAYS count on my mother.

    B93 Mother's Day 81
  • 82


    My mother is the greatest in the 432 for her heart and great personality, but especially because of the love she shares. Her beautiful compassion for others and the love she has for our family and for her grandchildren. She is a God fearing, God loving woman and her faith and compassion cannot be compared to. She is my brothers and my back bone and moral support and we would be lost without her. Everyone who knows her loves her and admires her. She is truly an angel in disguise and I love her so much.

    B93 Mother's Day 82
  • 83


    She is because my mom does everything for me all by herself. My dad is gone so it’s just me and my mom and she tries so hard and works two jobs with a back injury just to give me the best! I love my mom and feel like if any mom needs to win, it’s mine!

    B93 Mother's Day 83
  • 84


    My mother is absolutely the best around because she works harder than anyone else I have ever known for her four kids, including me of course. She has always put us first in everything. She never gets herself anything until she knows we have everything we need. She loves all of us kids unconditionally. We all love our mother more than anything and anyone else in the entire world! Love you Mother.

    B93 Mother's Day 84
  • 85


    My mom is the best because she puts everyone's needs before her own and she is the most helpful caring person I have ever met. Definitely deserves more then she thinks.

    B93 Mother's Day 85
  • 86


    My mom has supported all three of us kids since we were little, even working 10-12 hours a day at restaurants , coming home to three kids and still making food and not letting us see her sweat anything we wanted and needed, even though she was struggling she made my childhood a memorable one.

    B93 Mother's Day 86
  • 87


    My mom is the best. She's been through hell and back and still manages to smile and take care of her family and love me and all of her grand babies. She is amazing and I love her so much!

    B93 Mother's Day 87
  • 88


    Ever since I was a little girl, my mother always put her kids first. She raised all 4 kids just how we were supposed to be raised. She never complained. When we were in trouble, she was the one we could run to. She deserves a good mother's day gift. She always puts us first. We finally convinced her to move back to Odessa when she lived up in Dallas for five years. Now that she is home, we’re hoping to show her that she is a great mother even through the rainy days.

    B93 Mother's Day 88
  • 89


    My mother is the best because she’s always worried about everyone else. She never takes time for herself. Her health has been giving her some problems lately and if there’s one day where she can just relax and not worry, she deserves to take it.

    B93 Mother's Day 89
  • 90


    My mom is the greatest mom ever because she fixes all my problems and helps me improve in my football and softball by backing me up in anything I do. She fixes my boo boos.  My mother’s love! I love my mom even though we have our up and downs. Best mommy ever! Love her to death!

    B93 Mother's Day 90
  • 91


    My mom is the best in the 432 because she is always there for me through thick & thin and also she loves the Lord. She always encourages me to do the right things and is always positive no matter what the situation is. She always prays for me and my little brother before we go to school. I thank God for my mother every day. She is such a blessing to our family. She's my best friend we do everything together. Love you Mom!

    B93 Mother's Day 91
  • 92


    Christine is the best mom and wife! Everything she does she does for the kids! She took my two boys and my little girl in and made them her own children! She's the best mom to her own daughter as well as to my children!

    B93 Mother's Day 92
  • 93


    She has a 7-year-old son who is the world to her. She has been taking care of her son since he was born without anyone’s help. His father is not around so she’s been doing it all by herself.

    B93 Mother's Day 93
  • 94


    My mom is the best because she's has done a great job raising me, my sister and brother. She's never given up at any downfalls and has worked so hard to make sure we have anything we needed and made sure we were set and had a good meal on the table. Love you Mom!!

    B93 Mother's Day 94
  • 95


    My mom is the best in the 432, because she has been there for me and my little brothers since day one. She is an independent woman and deserves the best. She works to get me and my brothers what we want. We love her.

    B93 Mother's Day 95
  • 96


    My mom is not only my mom but my best friend and my backbone! She raised three kids on her own. No matter what we needed, she tried her hardest to give it to us, even if it meant having to go without what she needed! I love her so much and don't know what I would do without her! I love you Mom!

    B93 Mother's Day 96
  • 97


    My mom is the best in the 432 because she has raised me and my brothers and sisters by herself. She works 72 hours per week to take care of us and to make sure we always have what we need. I love my mom.

    B93 Mother's Day 97
  • 98


    First of all I would like to thank B93 for allowing us the opportunity to share our stories about the most precious and cherished part of our lives. Some are not as lucky to have the unconditional love that only a mother can provide. Every year, we have a special day to honor our mothers for all that they do for us. Every year, mother’s day is a very disheartening day for my mother. Not only has she had to endure the memory of losing her mother at a young age, she has had to live through the pain of losing one of children just a short time ago. I don’t admire my mother for being a strong, faithful, caring, hardworking, compassionate, loving woman, even though she is. I admire my mother for standing for what she believes in. My mother has been married 40 years, has stood behind all of her 7 children without hesitation or doubt. She has taught me so many things people might take for granted for example, how to make a meal when you have nothing in your fridge and how to wash whites! She is my best friend and my role model. From her, I learned how to be a better person as well as a great mother to my own daughter. In the end, I just want to thank my mother for always being there for me and maybe with the help of B93, show her she is beautiful from the inside and out. She deserves not to be sad on mother’s day, but to celebrate everything that she is and that is the best mother of the 432!

    B93 Mother's Day 98
  • 99


    My mom is the best in the 432 because she always works her hardest at her job. She is always thinking of others before herself. She is kind to people even if she doesn't especially like them. My mom had the biggest heart of anyone I know, she always tries to rescue stray dogs by finding them homes. She always reminds me to be nice to people and remain positive. She is lovely both inside and out.

    B93 Mother's Day 99
  • 100

    Mary Alice

    My mom knows the struggle and with everything we been through, she keeps the family together. She was my mom and dad. I know its hard raising two boys but she never let us down. It's rough but through it all, I still got a great moms and she's the best in the 432. No one can compare. Love you Mom!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 100
  • 101


    Our mom does everything for us. She listens to our problems, puts up with us fighting with each other, she makes sure we have everything we need. Our mom is the best mom in the 432.

    B93 Mother's Day 101
  • 102


    My mom is the best because she takes selfies with me and buys me a whole bunch of stuff and cooks for me. She is just the awesomest mother in the world and I love her more than anything in the world, mainly for taking selfies with me. :p and she does it all by herself!!!!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 102
  • 103


    Because she loves me and all my family and no matter what she does, bad or good, she will always be the best mom ever. I love her so much.

    B93 Mother's Day 103
  • 104


    My mom is the 432 mom because she is caring, loving and a very nice person. She has always been there for me even when I wasn't at my best. She's my mother but she's also my best friend. Most people would say people who grow up without a role model might not be the best parent but my mom is an amazing woman who fights and stands by her children through whatever comes her way. She's not only caring to her family but to others as well. She helps people with anything they need and she has the biggest heart! I love her with all my heart and thank God every day for her.

    B93 Mother's Day 104
  • 105


    My mom is the best because she has dealt with me for so many years. She's my best friend and I can talk to her about anything. There is not one thing that she does not know about me. She is the queen of the house and keeps everything in check. Clean home, homemade meals and the loving of a mother that any child needs!

    B93 Mother's Day 105
  • 106


    My mom is the best because she is always putting God first then me. She works hard to make sure that I have what a lot of teens my age don't. Sometimes we don't get along but when it comes down to it, my mom is always giving or doing for me no matter how tired she is. I love her to the moon and back. She deserves the world and I wish I could give i to her!

    B93 Mother's Day 106
  • 107


    My mom is the one standing at front and she is probably one of the best moms around If i do say so myself. She's put up with five kids for most of her life (one male not pictured here) and I think its time we give her something in return for all the times she's woken up in the middle of the night to come pick us up, to being our personal chauffeur (at all hours of the day, multiple times a day), stylist, chef, and of course therapist lol. I'm proud to be the daughter of a strong woman who came to the US with nothing and has since become an American citizen, gotten her GED and raised all of us to the best of her abilities. (Which hey I'm not complaining, I turned out fine) And even now through rough patch in her life, she is still the selfless mom we love with a great sense of style! (sometimes lol but don't tell her i said that lol).

    B93 Mother's Day 107
  • 108


    My mom is the best mom because she has taught me the most about life. She is the best mom anyone could ask for. I wouldn't trade her for anything. She's always been there for me and I know I could go to her for anything and she know exactly what to say. I love you mom so much!

    B93 Mother's Day 108
  • 109


    Not only has my mom always been there for me, but she has always been my #1 fan, coach, teacher, counselor and friend. From freezing her buns off to watch me run at every one of my track meets, to teaching me right from wrong, teaching me how to cook and how to improvise when you are broke, how to manage a bank account and that its okay to cry when you lose someone you loved but also to learn how to be strong, through thick and thin she has always been there. Without her, I would be nothing like I am now. She pushed me to go to college, get good grades and stand up for what I believe in. My mother lost her mother and father while she was still young also out of six siblings took care of her mentally handicapped brother, even while not being well set on her feet while others were, she did not complain nor pout. She has the kindest heart I have ever grown to know. She gives even when she doesn't have much to give and the advice that I once used to blow off is now so valuable to me and I can't find a way to thank her enough. She has also had to cope with the loss of her very own son in a freak accident without telling how or why. He would always come over so happy bearing gifts and a smile on Mother’s Day, it hasn't been the same ever since. I want to give her the world but unfortunately I am a broke college student, but I love and appreciates her so much. I TRULY believe that my mother is the BEST in all of the 432.

    B93 Mother's Day 109
  • 110


    She's the best mother that a son could ever ask for. She has managed to raise three kids all on her own and for that, I admire her so much. This picture was taken in December when I came home on leave from the Marines. Yea, she's proud! :)

    B93 Mother's Day 110
  • 111


    A mother who always cares. A mother who’s always there. A mother who always prays. A mother who always stays. When things get rough, when life gets tough, when all is just too much to bear, God’s Word she shares. God’s light she shines. So blessed God made this mother mine. My mother is my best friend. We may argue and I may complain, but in reality there is no one on earth like this loving, caring, good hearted woman. She is not only the best in the 432, but the whole world! Love you MOM!

    B93 Mother's Day 111
  • 112


    My little titter Alia passed away this January and she's an angel now that watches over me. My mom says that my titter is with me all the time and is my guardian angel :). My mom is strong and is the best mommy in this world and loves me and my titter so much! Help me make this Mother's Day happy for my mommy thank you-Aubrey

    This is mom speaking now: I just want to say that my daughter’s are the reason why I am strong :). My youngest Alia had multiple disabilities affecting her walking, seeing and speaking ...but she hung in there to be by our side as long as she could. She was a brave young lil girl who went through so much pain. As for her older sister, Aubrey, as well from seeing her sister struggle to having her sister pass away, Aubrey was a great helper when her sister was here. I'm grateful to have such fierce daughters. God bless everyone!

    B93 Mother's Day 112
  • 113


    My mother is special to not only me but my whole family. She is such a beautiful, selfless, kind, and humble woman. My mother is all I wish to mirror one day when I decide to have a family of my own. She is not only my mother, she is my best friend, my confidant, my guide and so much more. She inspires me to be better then who I was yesterday, to go after what I want in this life and to be the best person that I can be no matter the circumstance. Thank you Mom for always accepting me and all my crazy. I love you to the moon and back forever and always your baby I will be.

    B93 Mother's Day 113
  • 114


    My mom is not only the best, but also my BEST friend!!! Family will always be your true friends!! My mom is my back bone! She is outgoing, fun, hardworking and a go getter!! She’s a blast to hang out with even when she’s doing the robot to Janet Jackson!! Lol She deserves this!! :)

    B93 Mother's Day 114
  • 115


    God definitely blessed me more than I deserve with my mom. She is my best friend and never fails to amaze me. Not only is she the epitome of what a loving mother should be, she is also an exemplary teacher. Her actions definitely speak for themselves. Always the first to serve and the last to be served in everything. She and my father have been married for 27 Years. Because of her, I hope to accomplish many things in my life and look forward to having the same relationship with my daughter and my husband.

    B93 Mother's Day 115
  • 116


    My mom is the best because she's just very, very perfect. I love her. I also think she's the best because she's funny, cute and an awesome cook! LIKE REALLY! And I hope she has a great Mother's Day! :)

    B93 Mother's Day 116
  • 117


    My mom is the best mom because she does everything she can for me and my son. Always there for me when I need her. She's literally my best friend. If I could give her the world I would. But I know all she wants is to see me succeed in life and having her as a role model, I'm sure I'll get far. I love my mom so much and she deserves to win! I hope that God continues to bless me with her for many more years!!! I love you mom!! d

    B93 Mother's Day 117
  • 118


    My mother is absolutely the best mom in the 432! I have five brothers, along with a constantly busy household and my mother is the rock of our family. She is our strength, support system, rock and everything else in between. She loves us through the light and shines a flashlight with us through the dark. I honestly wouldn't have become the lady I am today without her and I just pray I will be a mother to my kids like she has been. Love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

    B93 Mother's Day 118
  • 119


    My mother is the best because she has been through so much just to take care of me and my three older brothers and my father who got into a serious wreck five years ago and became disabled. She understands us all and is not just our mother, but our hero and best friend. We love her so much!

    B93 Mother's Day 119
  • 120


    My mom is the best because she 1.) Looks just like me and 2.) She is always there for me. She's the funniest person I know, and she so easy to get along with. I couldn't ask for a better madre or twin as I call her. I love my mom and I want to thank her for just being her.

    B93 Mother's Day 120
  • 121


    My mom is because she had to raise five kids on her own and her first three were girls. That’s was pretty tough for her because my oldest sister got pregnant when she was 16. She not only was she having a tough time raising us, it was like she had a newborn of her own to take care of while my sister was trying to finish high school. I wasn’t the best daughter either. I gave her a pretty rough time, but no matter all the bad I did, she was always there for me when I needed her. Now my other sister, the third, is 16 and going through that tough phase for my mom. She has two other boys that are hard to handle at times! I feel she really deserves a break. My dad wasn’t there to help her out and now she has to work to support us all by herself! In this selfie of me & my mom on Easter Sunday, I’m left and she's on the right!

    B93 Mother's Day 121
  • 122


    My mom is the best because even though I'm not lucky enough to see her every day, she is still there for me. Whether I have a problem I need help with, or I just want to talk to her, she will always be there to talk to me and I feel like she never left. But for the whole month of May, I don't think anything could upset me because my mom came to visit me and my sister. So even though my mom told me she didn't want anything for Mother's Day (which is a lie), I decided to enter here because I love her and she is the best mom ever. -831 mommy

    B93 Mother's Day 122
  • 123


    My mother is the best mom, friend, aunt, and teacher in the 432 on account of how big her heart is! She raised my two brothers and me all by herself and did a damn good job doing it! Her heart and the strength that she carries is one of the biggest assets anyone could ever look for in a person. She carries our family and her work family before herself and anything else. She's made sure to put everyone else's happiness before her own. She not only cares and loves for us, but also my friends and takes them all as her own. Anyone who knows her knows what a crazy, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING person my mother is! And I'm pretty certain they also know that she is hands down the BEST mother in the 432!

    B93 Mother's Day 123
  • 124


    My mother is the best because her love makes me feel special. She would never let anyone hurt me, and she always tries to make me laugh. My mom calls me every day at 4pm to make sure I had a great day at school. I am the love of her life, just me and my mom.

    B93 Mother's Day 124
  • 125


    My mom isn't perfect, but to me I couldn't ask for a better mother. I've learned so much from her. She has never judged me and always encourages me. She has taught me to depend on myself and to do whatever makes me happy. I'm going through a tough divorce right now and if it wasn't for her helping me power through, then I probably would have lost my mind by now. I love you Mommy!!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 125
  • 126


    My mom is the best because she has been there for me through the hardest time of her life, her divorce from my dad. She puts herself below me for everything. Even when we had to do without, she would find a way to make the best of things. I know that even when she’s tired, she still goes on for me and her. I am very proud she is my mom!!!

    B93 Mother's Day 126
  • 127


    My mom is the best there ever was! I've never met another person with a heart as gold as my mother’s. She's a nurse, a cook, a maid, a lover and a fighter. If wasn’t for her, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today. My mom’s a total beast and deserves the best Mother's Day possible.  P.S. I'm Spiderman in the picture.

    B93 Mother's Day 127
  • 128


    B93 Mother's Day 128
  • 129


    My mom is a wonderful, big hearted woman. She always puts others’ needs before her own. She goes above and beyond for my brothers and me. She's a woman of faith and I truly admire her! If anyone deserves to win she definitely does!

    B93 Mother's Day 129
  • 130


    B93 Mother's Day 130
  • 131


    My mom is the best because she does everything she can to provide for me and my little brother!!

    B93 Mother's Day 131
  • 132


    B93 Mother's Day 132