As Seen on TV

My Tree Is Still Up And I Have A Good Reason Why…..
Ok I must confess, my Christmas tree is still up. Smh. It is January 10th yet it is still Christmas at my house, inside and out. My neighbors probably hate me. To my defense, I barely got back from a 10 day vacation on Sunday night. Unpacking and laundry are more important than the tree right now, J…
As-Seen-On-TV:Bacon Wave
Another as-seen-on-tv product. If I bought every product that looked even the slightest bit interesting to me, I would go broke on stuff that probably doesn't even work the way it's supposed to! lol
As-Seen-On-TV:Pop Chef
Time for the as-seen-on-tv product of the week. I saw this the other day while at the grocery store and decided I need one of these!
As-Seen-On-TV:Wax Vac
Me and my 'as-seen-on-tv-products.' If I bought everything that looks interesting to me, I would be broke!
As Seen On TV
Me and my 'as seen on tv' products. I'm the type of person that wants other to people to buy and try first and if it doesn't work, they let me know and I'm not out any money. lol
As-Seen-On-Tv The Air Curler
Ladies, have you seen this? What would we do without the as-seen-on-tv stuff? lol These are the infomercials we see late at night when we suffer from insomnia.
Light Up Hair Extensions
Every now and then when you're out and about running errands, grabbing a few things at the store something catches your eye and you think 'what the.....?'