Earlier this week we did a BUZZ QUESTION on a lady who wrote in about her man who never takes his socks off. The buzz question read like this...

My guy wears 'socks' all the time. I literally have seen his feet maybe 3 times. He does not have fungus or athlete's foot, and I don't get it. The other day I literally tried to take off his socks and he ran away from me. I find it a little humorous but I don't get it. Is this a guy thing?

We got some pretty interesting reactions to this, but this one was the best. She said her man even went as far as to go in the pool with his socks on What? Wow. That's actually pretty awesome. LOL We couldn't believe it, but it sure made our day. Hey, we say YOU DO YOU! Without a doubt.

Hear the call here!

Ha Ha , that made our day! We love the fact that he was like, hey, I can do what I want!

You know, nowadays we see a lot more guys wearing socks with sandals and other open-toe shoes. Wearing socks has actually become a cool thing. I mean look at all the COLORFUL socks there are now for men. Nowadays, you are actually supposed to wear your pants a little higher so people can see your cool design socks!

How do you feel about wearing socks? Would you rather not wear socks? And, how many pairs of socks do you own?

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