After hanging out with a good friend of mine over the weekend I discovered something weird that she does. We watch pretty much the same shows so we hung out and caught up on some of the shows she records on TiVo.

She was adamant about watching her true crime shows and deleting them before her hubby could see that they were recorded. I asked her why? She said because he thinks she's crazy for watching all of those, husband kills wife, kids murdering parents, scorned lovers murder their partner type shows. Apparently he thinks she's getting all kinds of ideas! lol I told her then we must both be cray because I watch all that stuff! Are you kidding me?

That's like an entire weekend of Lifetime, A&E and networks like that that are extremely interesting. Not that my poor friend is plotting something against her husband or myself either for that matter. I know plenty of people who, like myself, are watching Dateline every Friday night. lol Are there any shows that your significant other gets mad at you for watching?

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