fun for the family
Another campaign kicks off this weekend for one of our favorite causes, Children's Miracle Network. The kick off will take place this Saturday, August 26th at the North Midland Dr. Wal-Mart, it begins at 11 a.m. There will be food from some of our favorite food trucks, Cliff's Food Wagon a…
Have you ever tried pickles soaked in Kool-Aid? There was a place in Odessa that had them and they quickly became favorites of mine and Leo's when we tried them! Well we just heard the news that now these sour with a touch of sweet pickles will be sold in stores soon.
Two Midland And Odessa Wal-Marts Now Offering Online Pick-Up
Ok I've heard of this in big cities as I have a friend who lives in the Dallas area that posts on Facebook all the time how convenient the service is for her to drive up and pick up her groceries that she ordered online. I remember thinking that is so cool! Well, get ready because it is about t…