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Store Bought Or Homemade?
Next week is already going to be Thanksgiving, I cannot believe time has gone by so fast. Who is ready turkey, dressing and all the trimmings? Rolls, biscuits, casseroles, mashed potatoes and more importantly, DESSERT! Whatcha gonna do with that dessert? In our family, I am in charge of one of the d…
Which Mask Are You Wearing?
I have not purchased one mask since we started having to wear them. I don't even have any homemade ones. I have the disposable blue ones that come from family healthcare workers and that is what my children and I wear.
Homemade OR Store Bought Halloween Costume?
Halloween is exactly ONE WEEK away! Have you even thought about what you are going to dress up as yet? Have your kids decided what they want to be this year? I think mine knew the first day of school. lol