This Is How My Monday Started Off
Well happy Monday to me! (insert eye roll here) Hell to the no to this stinkin spider that greeted me as I attempted to go to the restroom at work this morning. Needless to say, I turned around and went back to the B studios and told Leo to come save me and kill it!
Good Pranks to Pull on Coworkers?
Oh Rebecca got jokes. She wanna throw around spiders and ish? Well, I'm betting you guys have a few tricks up your sleeve you could share with me. Help me get her back for scaring the living bujesus out of me with a spider today.
What kind of evil things can you guys suggest...
Oh heck to the no! Imagine the squeal I let out when I walked around the corner at work and saw this little fella! It is arachnophobia up in this building all of a sudden. What the heck? The other day, Leo and I ran around the building chasing Chris Brizzown with a spider exactly like this still dan…
Imagine If You Went To Kill A Spider And THIS Happened [VIDEO]
The next time you see a harmless, little spider in your home and grab something to kill it immediately, you may want to reconsider after you see what happened to this guy! As if spiders weren't creepy enough, watch the freaky thing that happens when a man from Australia attempts to kill a spide…