Six Flags

New Insane Roller Coaster Coming To Six Flags In San Antonio In 2022
I can remember as a little girl my parents taking our family to amusement parks. Six Flags was usually our go-to and a treat and we loved every minute of it! I have never been one to be afraid of any rides and because I have older brothers I honestly didn't have a choice. If there was the slightest bit of fear of any ride, they would tell me to get over it quick because we were riding everything t
Six Flags And Hurricane Harbor Set To Reopen
For those of you ready to get away, ready for a vacation/road trip,  ready to get out of dodge get ready because Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor are set to open up real soon! Hurricane Harbor in Arlington is set to open on Wednesday, June 18th and Six Flags Over Texas the following day the 19th.