Actor Donates Supplies To Local Hospital
Actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila have been making donations at hospitals across the state of Texas. We've been hearing the stories since the COVID-19 pandemic began that they have been donating masks, sanitizer and face shields...
Area Man Wins $1 Million
We could all use some good news in this world today so I'm here to share that good news. How about a man from up the road Seminole, TX won 1 million dollars this week from a scratch-off lottery ticket.
check it out tonight
If you are a late night talk show person, you will not want to miss the Jimmy Kimmel Live show tonight! A local baby is hitting the national talk show circuit. 6 month old Camila Flemons, daughter of Anthony and Naomi, from Seminole, TX will be on a segment on the late night talk show tonight for ba…