Mommy's Check This Out!
I talked about this on the air and I'm still snacking as I type this. You're probably thinking what the hell is that? It does look shady but it's harmless. Apparently my 4 year old left her mini shredded wheat snacks in my purse! lol
things in your purse
It's time for another edition of, 'what the heck is in Rebecca's purse?' I'm telling you, parents know the joys and the struggles. In this case, omg this morning as I'm digging through my purse, I discovered this pickle! I vaguely remember a family member telling me the…
crazy things we find
The other day I was digging through my niece's purse looking for gum and came across this. I'm like wth? lol I understand the cash, credit cards, even receipts but what the heck you need some beer salt for? I looked through the rest of her purse to make sure there wasn't a 6 pack anyw…
crazy stuff in purse
Ladies, have you ever done this? Looking through your purse for keys or your phone and you see something that makes you think 'what the....?' I did that this morning and I found the freakin toothpaste! Then I have to remember when the heck I put it in there? lol
what's in it?
Ladies, is this what the bottom of your purse looks like? If you are like me and have more than 1 child, it probably is. I will never understand why mom's purse becomes a trash can/change bucket/candy store and anything else our children make it but it's true.