Here Is A New Snack You MUST Try
Ok I've heard about some crazy food combinations but this one is pretty out there. A friend of mine introduced me to this the other day and I'm shook. lol We've all had the 'spray cheese' on a cracker but have you ever had it.....with a pickle?
Have You Tried This Pickle Flavor?
The things you find as you're checking out at the grocery store. I saw this and immediately thought CHERRY PICKLE, since it is red! I liked those when Leo and I tried them on the air, but in fact it is not. lol It's a chamoy pickle. What is chamoy?
things in your purse
It's time for another edition of, 'what the heck is in Rebecca's purse?' I'm telling you, parents know the joys and the struggles. In this case, omg this morning as I'm digging through my purse, I discovered this pickle! I vaguely remember a family member telling me the…
kool aid pickle
That Kool-aid pickle though! After doing a remote at Smokin' J's in Odessa one weekend, Leo came by talking all about the Kool-aid pickle that they have. At first I thought that sounds so gross! Then I thought, wait a minute, I love Kool-aid, I love pickles, what the heck, I'll give i…
frozen pickle?
I recently found out exactly what 'don't knock it 'til you try it' means. Watching my 8 year old's baseball game one day I decided a pickle sounded good. Nothing beats a ball park pickle! lol