Get Your Photos Taken With The Easter Bunny In Midland And Odessa
It's Easter Bunny time! I mean, if you don't have a photo of yourself as a child or your own children screaming, crying, snot running down your face, trying to leap out of the Easter Bunny's it even Easter? lol I have both. Myself and my children. However, I eventually grew to love the Eas…
As a mom, I have to say this is the greatest thing since sliced bread! These days any type of photo you purchase has this option. Perforated pictures for this crooked cutting momma.
What West Texans Post on Facebook
So the other day, I was looking on Facebook and noticed that even when there isn't all the political postings, there are certain things people in the 432 almost always post about.
80s Fest Meet & Greet Pics
If you were at the Totally 80s Fest this past weekend, you know how much fun it was. It was even better for those that got Meet & Greet passes! Check out these awesome pics.
Back to School Pics
School is just around the corner and that means all the kiddos will be going to school in their new school clothes.
Moody Gardens
If you listen to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, you may have heard our friends from Moody Gardens drop in from time to time to invite the 4-3-2 to check out a nice, little get-a-way in Galveston, TX. The times they have come in to interview, I've always wondered if it is as fabulous as they say it …
Swipe Down and Click
Pretty much everyone has seen the old "post the 15th pic on your phone" meme. This is pretty much the exact same thing only with a bigger chance of pulling up something you've long forgotten about. If you think about it, this game is quite a bit scarier depending on how long y…

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