old wives tales

Know Any Old Wives Tales Or Superstitions During A Full Moon?
I'm sure fully aware that we've had full moon for the past couple of nights. My kids and I have noticed it and talked about how 'cool it looked.' I mention that I need to run out and get a haircut and my boys ask why? I explained that I've been told that if you get a haircut…
What Did You Do To Induce Labor?
It's funny how now that people know I am getting closer to my due date, they start offering advice as to how to speed up the process 'if I'm ready.' lol In other words, if I want to induce labor myself apparently there are old wives tales that are said to work if I just give it a…
Bizarre Old Wives Tales
There are old wives tales and there are pregnancy old wives tales. Since we found out we were expecting, I have heard them all. And some are doozies! lol