Cruz Coke!
Hey, not mad at Coca-Cola for this one. They decided that first names were not enough, and over the weekend I found my lastname! I didn't know they were doing this now but I do think it's pretty cool for those with unique names that can never find theirs on a Coke bottle.
Things You Didn’t Know Existed In The 4-3-2
Things you didn't know existed in the 4-3-2! I've lived in this area all my life and never knew this existed. A good friend sent me this picture yesterday and I assumed she was out-of-town, she said nope, it's in west Odessa.
name mix-up
The struggle is real for peeps who have names that no one ever understands or that are not all that common. Like my middle child, who's name is TRACE. He got this sweet, little thank you card the other day, my poor kiddo, his momma gave him a name that no one ever gets right! lol As you can see…