This Is How My Monday Is Going…..
How is your Monday going? This is how mine started out. A broken coffee pot, thus no coffee for me to start off my work week! (insert crying emoji here) Don't you love it when things like this happen? In my household, I start asking around. Who broke the coffee pot? Does anyone know what happen…
Breakfast Of Champions!
Leo and I are always asked how we can be so 'happy and peppy' so early in the morning, since we wake up at 4 and have to be on the air by 6. This is what is next to me at this very moment. lol Coffee, vodka (I kid, its water) and tea. Maybe that's the key!
Help! I Don’t Know How To….
Day one of Leo's vacation and I must admit, I miss him already! Not because I'm lonely in this room, not because I need him on the radio, but I miss him terribly because.....