Ewww What’s That Smell?
What's that awful smell is a question you hear from time to time if you have coworkers, like me, who meal prep and bring their lunch from home. Or who around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, enjoy a snack, like popcorn, which many in this building HATE the smell of, but I loooove. So what am I …
Work Pet Peeves
Work pet peeves. Does this little number drive you crazy? Does it have you wanting to scream 'RESET THE DAMN MICROWAVE' to the people you work with? It is what I came across when I went to warm up my lunch for today. I showed Leo and we both agreed....
microwave ice cream
It's summer time and we find ourselves eating more Ice Cream during the summer months.
The other day I went for some ice cream and then realized without even thinking about it...I put the TUB into the microwave.
I do this at home...I do it at work and peeps think I'm crazy...
right way 2 microwave
This morning Rebecca and I confessed that we don't know how to microwave. And , what we mean is that the food never comes out just right. Well, a new survey tell us EXACTLY how to do it the right way.
We talked about it below.
microwave what?
The things you find at the dollar store! I love going and perusing the aisles every now and then just to see the cool stuff that only the awesome dollar store would offer. Like these. Yes, it apparently is a thing. Microwave pork rinds peeps!