update:what worked?
Update on my little crayon happy 4 year old, Micah and her bedroom furniture: I did a blog last week about how my daughter colored on her furniture with crayons (as most children her age do) and I asked for suggestions as to how to get it off? Thank you to everyone for your helpful hints and I'…
childhood memories
Who remembers? The struggle is real when you have a little girl. This is my 4 year old daughter and she has beautiful, long, black hair but the upkeep is something. lol We do baths at night and blow dry it before bed so there are lots of tangles. This brings back memories from my childhood. Anyone e…
Who Knew Out Of My 3 Kids My DAUGHTER Would Be The Daredevil
Warning:here comes another mommy blog. Ok so I know they say that if you have more than one child they each have their own little personalities and that is very true between my two sons and baby girl, but only recently did I discover the major difference between boys and girls!
Another Mommy Blog:Micah’s New Milestone
So another big milestone is happening for us with our beautiful baby girl right now that I felt the need to share because I know many other mommy's and daddy's are going through the exact same thing.