A True Mexican Dessert
If arroz con leche was not a part of your childhood are you even a true mexican? I grew up eating this stuff. Forget ice cream, cookies, cake, most desserts that we all love now, this is the OG dessert. Why? Because mom, or your favorite tia or your abuelita always had the ingredients for it.
Help A Girl Out With My Current Food Craving
Do you ever just get on one of those kicks where you cannot get enough of a particular food? No I'm not pregnant. lol These days I'm all about enchiladas, or 'chiladas' as my daughter calls them. There are none as good as my momma's but still....
You Know You Grew Up In A Mexican Household When….
You know you grew up in a mexican household when....this is part of your decor. The ceramic gato. lol This was a cute little decoration in my momma's house as well as in the home of several of my mexican friend's. I saw this at a little thrift shop and it brought back such great memories. …