Who Does Most Of The Cooking In Your Household?
Today's aye aye holiday is National Men Make Dinner Day! Thank you whoever makes these crazy holidays up. lol In some cases, ladies need a break. In others, the man does all the cooking anyway, which is cool too, in that case, flip the switch!
mani/pedi for men
Had a conversation with a guy at work recently about men getting manicures and/or pedicures. I have absolutely no problem with a man getting the same pampering that women get on regular basis, but my coworker thinks a man loses his 'man card' if he does such a thing? I do not agree.
men's cologne
This morning on our morning show, Leo and Rebecca talked about a guy who refused to wear any cologne that his girl bought him or suggested he wear. Whatever his reasons are, it did make me realize that I haven't bought men's cologne in so long I don't even know what's out there a…
chores at home
A new study found that 56% of men say they split the chores equally at home. But not surprisingly women say nope, that's not true! 50% of mothers say that they do the majority of the work. lol That's pretty funny if you ask me, guys getting called out. I don't know about other ho…
brotox for men
Ladies, how would you feel if your man started getting 'brotox?' What is it you ask? Simple. Botox for men. They say that more men are getting Botox than ever before! Doctors say that men apparently need some help too in the beauty maintenance department.
Is It Ok For A Man To Get A Pedicure?
After a routine trip to the salon recently I noticed something that I don't see often. There was a guy, by himself, getting a pedicure! I waited for a wife/girlfriend to come out from the restroom or something but it never happened. So at that point I was thinking, that's what I'm tal…