My Little One Loves Doing Her Schoolwork In This
As a homeschool mom trying to find ways to continue to get my children to do their schoolwork without complaints and whining, I took to Amazon to help me get creative. My 6 year old and I decided that this little tent would be her little space to get her reading done for the day and get any work don…
My Kids Are Enrolled In Night School
ICMYI-So Leo and Rebecca give updates from Rona Elementary every now and then on the morning show about my homeschool adventures. We are ALL navigating unfamiliar territory and it ain't easy. Can I just say though that my homeschooling has definitely gotten more lax in the last couple of weeks?
New Breakfast And Lunch For ECISD
If your little ones have been enjoying their breakfast and lunch pick-up since school has been out, ECISD has made a few changes to the TIMES and LOCATIONS that both will be provided: