Yep I Still Use These Old Things
So my teenager called me out the other day for being 'outdated and old school.' Insert eye roll here. He saw me with my headphones and says 'really mom, you still use the headphones with the cord?' I said yep, I'm good, no need for anything else. He thinks I need to get with…
My Not So Secret Obsession
I'm seriously obsessed with anything to do with headphones or microphones for obvious reasons, so when I saw this portrait of Leo at the store I was tempted to buy it. lol On the real though, when friends or family see something to do with headphones or a mic they buy it for me.
Baby Wearing Headphones and Facebook Friend Is Mad
Leo & Rebecca In The Morning..BUZZ QUESTION... My wife and I love to take silly pictures of our 10-month-old daughter and throw them up on Facebook.
So the other day I took a picture of my girl with giant headphones on . . . she looked hilarious...