H.O.T. Will Be Having A Donation Drive On Veteran’s Day
Veteran's Day is tomorrow and our friends with H.O.T. Honor Our Troops have an awesome event coming up! H.O.T. and Legacy Harley Davidson will be having a donation drive. You may drop off your donations to be able to send care packages to our troops overseas.
leftover candy
Ok I have some awesome info that you must pass along to all of your family and friends! I know there are businesses or local organizations that passed out Halloween candy lastnight and have some leftover. What if I told you that you can make our troops overseas very happy with your leftover candy?
Honor our troops
It is time once again for H.O.T! Honor Our Troops, a cause that B93 supports 100%. What H.O.T. does is provide care packages, on a weekly basis, for soldiers currently deployed. This is an organization that without a doubt, helps put smiles on the faces of the many service men and women, fighting fo…
Here Is How You Can Help H.O.T.
If you have ever wanted to do something, anything to help our troops serving overseas, here is some information on how to do so. An amazing program called H.O.T. or Honor Our Troops sends care packages to soldiers all around the world on a weekly basis. How can you help? I'll tell you exac…