MISD Graduation And Prom Set To Take Place This Year
Who could forget their high school prom? I have some of the best memories of my prom years. I say years because I did go all 4 years that I was in high school. As an underclassman I was asked by a Jr or Sr, then my Jr and Sr years, I did the asking. All 4 of my proms are memories I will cherish fore…
Ashton Medical Lodge To Celebrate 2020 Graduates
Ashton Medical Lodge in Midland wants to celebrate the Class of 2020! If you are or happen to know a 2020 graduate, whether gradeschool, highschool or college, you can bring them to this event. There will be a drive-by parade on Thursday May 28th beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Ashton Medical Lodge, …
carmen diploma
Leave it to Carmen to ruin someones big day. Graduation is a big thing, but not to Carmen.
She doesn't think this guy deserves his diploma.
Check out Carmen with Leo and Rebecca in the morning.
graduation 2015
School is out this week for many area schools. So that means graduation time! I personally have 4 friends and family members graduating. What an exciting time! My problem is I never know what to buy high school graduates.
Girl Falls Walking In Heels At Her Graduation [Video]
Can someone please give this girl a lesson in how to walk in high heels? lol I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I first saw the video on one of my favorite talk shows and have been searching high and low for it on the internet to share with you.