Girl Scout Cookies

Time is Running out! Get Some Girl Scout Cookies This Weekend
If you have not bought your Girl Scout cookies yet this season, time is running out! This weekend will be the last big push for all of your favorite, yummy cookies like those caramel delites, shortbread, peanut butter patties, the new smore's flavor and your fave's as well! We had some ado…
smores new fav
Move over Peanut Butter Patties! There's a new cookie in town LOL
Love that the Girl Scout Cookies are out and about. How cool is it when they set up around town and you can purchase them almost anywhere now.
The other day I did something brave and pushed away my old favorite for a new one...
Girl Scout Cookies Are Back!
It's that time of year again, a tradition for 82 years, Girl Scout Cookies are back! From now until March 9th Girl Scouts will be selling cookies all over the nation.