Family Science Night

Family Science Night At The Petroleum Museum
It is time for another Family Science Night with the Petroleum Museum. As we get closer to the end of school, these nights will come to an end before school picks back up again, so make plans to be at this one going down tomorrow night. Let's get Wild for Wildlife...
Petroleum Museum Family Science Night Tonight!
It's Space Wars time tonight! Family Science Night is tonight, so gather the family and head over to The Petroleum Museum from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Admission is free and kids can channel their inner astronomer by experimenting with moon craters, create your own rockets and check out the inflatable pl…
Family Science Night Time
Lots going on this holiday season and tonight you can take your children to enjoy another Family Science Night at the Petroleum Museum. It's time for Fossil Frenzy! Become a paleontologist and create your own fossil molds, experiment with amber slime and dig for real fossils.
Family Science Night Is Back!
Now that school is well underway, that can only mean one's Family Science Night time! On Thursday, September 22nd, bring the entire family out to experience 'Bits & Bots.' Lots of hands-on activities, science experiments and creative projects.
family science night
If you are all about a fun and educational experience for you and your kiddos, The Petroleum Museum has got a great event going on tonight! It is that time again, another Family Science Night is among us and this time it's all about that CSI.
family science night
It is time once again for some free, family fun! Throughout the school year, The Petroleum Museum gives us an opportunity to have fun, while learning some useful information and the best part of all, bring your family and pay nothing. Family Science Night is tonight from 6-8 p.m. and kiddos have the…
Family Science Night At The Petroleum Museum
It is time for another Family Science Night at The Petroleum Museum! Free fun for the entire family and even better, it's educational. Your kids can make learning fun this Thursday night when learning about Oceans.
family science night
Now that school is back in session that can only mean one is time for Family Science Night at The Petroleum Museum! You cannot complain that there is nothing to do in this area that's 'family friendly' because this is family fun for everyone and the best part is, it's…

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