Fake Concerts Are Fun!
I was scrolling through my newsfeed when I almost got very excited then realized it was just a fake event. However, I laughed out loud for real once I processed it.
People are creating fake events on Facebook which normally would seem like a pretty mean thing to do, but these are pretty obviously not…
New Survey Reveals The Most Annoying Facebook Posts
Facebook, I can't quit you. lol Even though it's annoying, obnoxious, a relationship destroyer and so many other things, we are addicted nonetheless. A new survey revealed the 'most annoying Facebook posts.' Here are the top 3 according to those surveyed in each state...
Today Is National Unfriend Day
Today is National Unfriend Day! A day where all facebook users are urged to 'trim their friend fat.' lol I do not personally have a Facebook but I have plenty of friends and family who I hear complain about this person or that person that they should have never friended in the first place.
Do I Have To 'Like' My Boo's Family On Facebook?
Leo & Rebecca In The Morning...BUZZ QUESTION...My HUSBAND is mad at me because I haven't LIKED ANY OF HIS FAMILY on my facebook. I've told him that it's too much drama and I have decided not to like ANY of his family. It's my FACEBOOK right...

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