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What Have You Had To Cancel Because Of The Coronavirus?
I've seen the meme's about coronavirus and how it has messed up pretty much all of 2020. All of us have had to alter our lifestyles in one way or another. It stinks. I know of so many, including myself, who have had to cancel vacation plans, change flights, postpone, ask for refunds, cancel/postpone wedding plans, put off surgeries...
COVID-19 Cases Up In Midland And Ector Counties
I was watching the news yesterday and saw that here in the Permian, COVID cases are increasing. In Midland alone yesterday there were 26 new, confirmed cases. Ector County had 14 cases the day before. Pretty staggering numbers when you think about it.
The New Norm At Buffets
I went to my first buffet the other day and I thought I would share how it went down, in case you haven't been to one lately. The one I went to was a pizza buffet and you get your own spatula to serve your own pizza, then you put it in the 'dirty bin' once you're done.
What Have You Had To Cancel Due To The Rona?
Due to the Rona, everything it seems has been cancelled. Events, sports, concerts, celebrations, vacations that we would normally be partaking in this time of year have either been rescheduled or cancelled altogether. Boooooo! Our family vacation date already came and went, so we are having to reschedule.
Things To Keep On Hand In Case You Get Sick
According to the CDC, there are a few things you may want to have at home in the event you start to feel sick or think you may be experiencing symptoms associated with Covid-19. Some of these things we may already have or may already be doing but it doesn't hurt to be prepared just in case...
Spring Break 2020
So next week is Spring Break here in the 4-3-2. School's out for the WEEK! What to do, where to go? I've been reading story after story of people around the nation being afraid to travel with the Coronavirus stuff going on right now. Airports aren't as busy, 'touristy' places are not being frequented. What is your plan?