regift or not?
Plain and simple, what are your thoughts on regifting? It's the time of year to look through and see if there is anything you received last year at this time or for another special occasion and see if you should give it to someone who may actually get use out of it.
christmas tree
Thanksgiving is this Thursday and while many of us are looking forward to that awesome turkey dinner, some are already looking for Santa. lol Many are anxious and excited to put their Christmas trees and lights up earlier each year. I know of several friends and family members who already have …
christmas music
I found myself getting into the spirit this weekend. Yes, I was flipping through stations and found a little Christmas music and listened awhile. I figure we are 45 days away, why not? I have friends and family who are so ready for Christmas they've even started putting up the decorations.
Check Out This List of Novelty Christmas Gifts For Anyone
We are 49 days away from Christmas and if you just cannot think of what to ask Santa for or have someone on your list that is hard to buy for, have I got some fabulous ideas for you! Now you are going to have to think outside of the box for these. This is not your typical Christmas sweater from Gran…
christmas in july
It's Christmas in July! For real, these Christmas goodies are already out at one of my favorite stores in the 4-3-2. What the? I'm still recovering from Mother's Day and Father's Day and you want to throw this at me?
I Am Obsessing Over This Christmas Album [VIDEO]
A friend of mine gifted me with a copy of a Christmas album they downloaded and I am obsessing over it right now. That's Christmas To Me from Pentatonix is an amazing album for the holidays. I already love this group and really think they need to make an appearance/perform in this area in the n…
I Have Never Watched This Christmas Classic
It is the time of year where all of our favorite Christmas movies are on tv. ABC Family even has the 25 days days of Christmas where they show some of our favorite, classic Christmas movies leading up to Christmas.
What Are Your Holiday Shopping Habits?
Recently I was reading through some random facts about Christmas shopping and I read about the holiday shopping habits of some people. For instance, there is such a thing as a 'butt brush' and if a person experience's this while shopping, they will walk out of the store.

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