Children's Miracle Network

Regan Whipkey's Story - CMN Saves the Lives of Her Twins
As a mother of three, I know how exciting it can be when you finally get to see your baby, so I could relate with Regan Whipkey when she described when Children’s Miracle Network was needed in her life.
Watch our interview to learn about how CMN saved the life of one of her twins
The Alvidrez Family - A Story That Truly Touches Your Heart
The Alvidrez family was an amazing family to interview. What touched me about their story was that it was one that could happen to any of us.
As a father myself, I remember how exciting it was when my son was born so I can imagine what it must’ve been like when the doctors rush your w…
Renato Galindo's Story - Your CMN Donations Help West Texas
This story was an interesting one because often during these radiothons, we hear from families and people that were helped by Children’s Miracle Network, but it’s nice to hear from the helpers themselves.
Renato dropped by our studio and gave us an uplifting perspective on CMN and how the nurses, doc…
Watch Tammy Canady's Story - Loss Turned into Inspiration
This story was truly one of the most emotional stories I’ve done for this radiothon. Tammy Canady truly has a passion for wanting to make sure that children in our area get the help they need and her story of her daughter Samantha shows just how needed a Pediatric ICU is needed in ou…
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B93 is a proud supporter of Children's Miracle Network so anytime you see the CMN logo pictured, we hope that you find it in your heart to donate, donate, donate. On the 30th of this month Dairy Queen will be having 'Miracle Treat Day.'