Children's Miracle Network

support the cause
B93's Children's Miracle Network Radiothon will be here soon, in November and while we hope that you are getting your donations ready, we also ask that you support all things CMN in the mean time.
dance marathon
B93 are huge, proud sponsors of Children's Miracle Network, so when there is an event that supports the cause, you will always hear about it from us! On April 30th from noon to 6 p.m. New Tech School is partnering with CMN to present the first ever Dance Marathon, at the MCM Fundome in Odessa.
Vicki Adams Swift - One of the First CMN Babies in Our Area
Vicki Adams-Swift. A truly amazing story and I was in awe that she wasn’t the mother of a Children’s Miracle Network baby, she IS a a CMN baby!
Watch our interview with her and learn about just how long CMN has been helping people in Odessa during their time of need
Regan Whipkey's Story - CMN Saves the Lives of Her Twins
As a mother of three, I know how exciting it can be when you finally get to see your baby, so I could relate with Regan Whipkey when she described when Children’s Miracle Network was needed in her life.
Watch our interview to learn about how CMN saved the life of one of her twins

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