It’s National Junk Food Day-What Is Your Go-To?
Today is National Junk Food Day and as you can see, these are a few of my favorites. I believe there are a few different scenarios as far as junk food goes. If I'm Netflix and chillin' I'm doing popcorn and pickle. Road trip? Candy bar, fave bag of chips and a soda.
Icing Or Cake Or Both?
I love cake. Chocolate cake, strawberry cake, german chocolate, you name it, I'm eating it. Here's the thing, I eat the whole piece of cake, but not everyone does. My better half eats only the icing. lol
Who Still Makes These?
I loved hanging out with our friends at Vintage Deluxe the other day! Especially because I got to check out some cool old school stuff. Check out this cake pan from back in the day...
Yummy! All For Me?
Anyone ever a craving for cake like me? Not just any slice of cake...carrot, red velvet, chocolate? No thank you. I want birthday cake. Sometimes, just out of the blue. I have a friend who shares my love of birthday cake on occasion. She straight up said she orders herself a little birthday cake eve…
Leo’s Favorite Cake
This morning our good friend Sylvia was kind enough to deliver Leo's all-time favorite dessert during the morning show. Yes, it quickly became breakfast for both of us! Check out this amazing tres leches cake that she made. I had heard through the grapevine that she makes the best and after hav…