best in the 4-3-2

Are you kidding me right now with this dessert? I was having lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings the other day when a girlfriend and I decided to order dessert and settled on this fabulous looking treat! I'm telling you right now, I am very much a save-room-for-dessert person. Especially if I peruse th…
best in the 4-3-2?
Ok ladies and maybe some fella's, it's all good! I need your input and help with a new mani/pedi place in the 4-3-2? My current and constant for the past few years has all new peeps and I feel it's time to move on, you know how that goes.
the best in the 4-3-2?
Normally I blow off what I call, 'aye-aye holidays,' but today I cannot. Why? Because it is National Chocolate Cake Day and as a lover of all things chocolate, especially chocolate cake, I decided I shall partake in this holiday!