Win Some Whataburger Swag With Leo & Rebecca All This Week!
I have to say our awesome friends from Whataburger paid us a visit this morning and boy were we excited to get to try some of the new items on the menu at Whataburger! The BBQ Bacon burger and the new spicy chicken sandwich get two thumbs up from Leo and Rebecca in the Morning!
Check Out These New Items On The Whataburger Menu
We ate like a king and queen this morning thanks to our fabulous friends from Whataburger coming through with some tasty new items featured on their menu. If you currenty have a craving for something and just can't figure out what it might be, might I suggest a new hatch green chile bacon burge…
Which Payment Service Do You Use Most?
Payment system, payment service, whatever you call it, these things are super handy to have on your phone. I personally have CashApp and PayPal and like them both, more so CashApp because there is no charge to send money but if you are sending to someone who does not have the same as you, what do yo…
Breakfast Is Served-From Whataburger
Chicken biscuit anyone? Maybe a taquito, bacon or sausage with salsa verde? THIS is what is for breakfast for Leo and Rebecca in the morning. A big thank you to our friends from Whataburger, it was delicious! Don't forget that you can hit up Whataburger at any time for more yummy food like this…
I Wanna Be LIke Brizzown!
When I grow up, I want to be just like Chris Brizzown! Wait what? Did I just say that? That is the ONE and ONLY time I will ever say those words so don't flatter yourself Brown.
New Stop Texting And Driving App Coming To Midland
Do you have someone in your life that you are constantly trying to convince to stop texting and driving? Perhaps a new app that is coming to our area can help? The Safe 2 Save app is coming to Midland, an app that anyone can download that rewards you for not texting and driving.
snapchat app
I have a female friend urging me to get Snap Chat but I haven't yet. Last I knew, Snap Chat was a scandalous app to have and I'm not trying to be scandalous. lol She says it's a fun way just to send cool stuff, I still don't quite have a good understanding of what it is?
Tell Me This Wouldn’t Freak You Out? [VIDEO]
The other night something cray happened in my house when we were all settling down for the know that time when the house is quiet and everyone is snuggled up in their beds? Except for this girl, I hear everything at night and this particular night I heard what sounded like scratching and…

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