Beware The Detour On 1788
I'M OVER IT! I had quite a long detour this morning while trying to get to work. My usual route, 1788 south is closed. As you can see by the sign, you cannot turn right or left (north or south) on 1788 coming to Midland or going to Lamesa from Andrews. I'm trying to help. I had to learn th…
Was There A Shooting On 191 & 1788?
For those of you who called or text yesterday to make sure Leo and I were ok after the alleged gunshots here in our work neighborhood THANK YOU. If you did not, you're dead to me! I kid, I kid. lol Seriously though, we only found out about 'the possibility of an active shooter on 191 and 1…
Intersection Of 191 & 1788 Road Work
This scene is nothing new to West Texans these days. It's not unusual to drive around the 4-3-2 and see the orange cones or barrels. Road closed, construction ahead or what have you. Just know that at this point in time, this is what you will be dealing with if you travel near the B93 studios, …
Any Idea What This Is Going To Be?
Anyone know who our new neighbors are going to be? Something is being built on the other side of 191 near the B93 studios. (in front of the Wagner Noel) I have asked several people and no one knows what it is?
This Is What Is Going Down On 191 & 1788
Another day, another who-knows-what going up near the B93 studios? In case you have not been in our area, on the corner of 191 and 1788 lately, we have neighbors. It started out with American Home Improvement a few years back when they came in right next door.
Wonder How The New Stripes Is Coming Along?
In case anyone is wondering how the new Stripes off of 1788 is coming along, here are a couple of pics of the progress they are making. It is going to be a nice, big Stripes but I'm telling you right now for us employees here at the B93 studios it is a pain for now! The little road out in front…
New Store Soon!
Ok I found that one of my very favorite stores is going up in the most unlikely of places. As I was heading home down 1788 and coming up on 158, I saw a sign that said DOLLAR GENERAL coming soon! Wait, what? A Dollar General off of 1788? Can life get any better? lol
road construction
The road I take for my daily commute is messed up all to hell at the moment so I felt the need to put the word out. Beware 1788 northbound to 158! OMG, it sucks right now and that is the road I take every single day!