What's going on?

Farmer’s Market This Weekend
What's going down around town? I've got the 411 if you're all about a farmer's market like I am. This Saturday, June 8th, the Parks Legado Town Center will be hosting a Farmer's Market like no other.
I Love Seeing This Scene In A Dr’s Office
File this in the 'hell yeah' category for me! Stepped into a Dr's office recently and saw this beautiful scene. As a mom, I have to say offices with a little 'play area' like this for kids saved me countless times.
You Ride With Me-I Got You!
Car essentials. I just realized after looking for something in my console, that these are two things that I always have on hand in my vehicle. Utensils and sweetener. What does that say about me? Let's be real, I like to eat and I love my tea!
Not A Fan Of Summer!
Summer sucks. Am I allowed to say that in a blog? Seriously. Let me explain why it is by far, 100%, without a doubt, my LEAST favorite season! One word..mosquitos! If you want to enjoy an evening out, be it barbecue, birthday party, take a dip in a pool, invite ME. You wanna know why? The mosquitos …
Celebrate Dad With A Day In The Park Festivities
Father's Day is fast approaching. Have you made any plans with dear ol' dad? Here is something cool to check out together....a 'Day in the Park with Dad' is going down this Saturday June the 8th at the McKinney Park Sprayground in Odessa.
Win Epic Waters Indoor Water Park Passes And Visit Grand Prairie
How cool is this park? Usually when you think of a Water Park you think outdoors. Well, that's not the case with Epic Waters INDOOR Water Park located in Grand Prarie TEXAS! We've got FAMILY 4 PACKS with Leo and Rebecca In The Morning...make sure to listen to win for the next 2 weeks...
Bring Your Kid To Work Day…Kinda
School is OUT for summer! That's right, it's official, because my kid is here at work with me. lol Some parents feel me. There are some days where it just can't be helped and here ya are coming up with ways to entertain. For today, she gets an IPad, some headphones and every kid-frien…
Andrews Splash Park Closed For The Summer?
Here's something from the 'in case you missed it' file. The splash park from my hometown of Andrews is not currently open. Booooooo! I happen to know that people travel to Andrews, TX from around the 4-3-2, several times throughout the summer to treat their kiddos to something differe…