Lady Gaga posted a photo of what we think is her real hair, dyed partially black. It's two-tone and punk rock.

Gaga's natural locks are short, thanks to the fact that she is always stressing her tresses with wigs and other accessories. That type of style brutality leads to breakage, but since she loves wearing wigs of all lengths, hue and textures as a coif chameleon, it ain't no thang.

But this Instagram snap appears to be of her real hair, which is blondish at the roots and jet black along the length. We don't think this is one of the wigs she referenced in the accompanying text.

She captioned the snap: "Personal record for wig changes in one day. Usually means my soul is restless. Life's too short to wear one hat."

So not only does Gaga swap out her outfits multiple times a day, she also changes her wigs on the regular.

Anyone else notice the sadness in this pic? She looks tired but darkly beautiful with the raccoon-like eye makeup and her distant, averted gaze.