Memorial Day weekend is upon us and many are planning road trips, graduations, and backyard bar-b-ques. However, some will spend the weekend thanking veterans for their service.

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First off, we all should thank veterans for their service, daily, including on holidays like Memorial Day, but let's not forget what Memorial Day is about in the first place.

So, What's the Difference Between Memorial Day & Veterans Day?

Simply put, Memorial Day is to remember our fallen heroes - those who died in service of our country while in our Armed Forces.

Soldier kneeling at grave

Veterans Day, well, is a day for honoring all veterans who served in our nation's Armed Forces.

American Soldiers and US Flag. US troops
A recap, Memorial Day is to honor the fallen, and Veterans Day is to honor all who served.

Yes, it is totally acceptable to thank our veterans on Memorial Day weekend (or any other day of the week), but you'll probably encounter those who may think you don't understand the difference.

Hopefully, many of you plan to honor the fallen this weekend, be it by visiting our local veteran's cemetery or just by thinking about them. Along with visits to our veteran's cemetery, there are plenty of other things to do in Abilene this Memorial Day weekend and you can see the full list here.

Speaking of visiting our veteran's cemetery, you'll see coins (and other objects) on the headstones. Those are of great significance and you can learn more about them here.

For those that plan to fly Ol' Glory, make sure you understand proper flag etiquette. I mean, there have been quite a few arguments over our flag, and anthem, so knowing how to properly fly and store our flag is vital, right?

If one of your Memorial Day weekend plans was to go tubing, well, you're in luck. Texas is home to quite a few rad tubing spots as you'll see below.

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