For the most part, I think a safe guess would be 92 percent of Texans love Buc-ee's. Of that 92 percent, 100 percent would recommend a non-Texan family member of friend to visit Buc-ee's before heading home. In total, there are 34 Buc-ee's in Texas starting with the first store in Clute, Texas. A reporter decided to take a road trip of Texas for the sole purpose of ranking all 34 Buc-ee's in the state from worst to best. A quick spoiler - the Terrell Buc-ee's made the top 10 of this list.

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Love for Buc-ee's

I will have to admit, I am a little jealous that this reporter for got to travel the great state of Texas to visit all 34, actually 33 (the reporter didn't realize that Angleton has three stores with two being on opposite ends of the same street), Buc-ee's. For me personally, I love Buc-ee's. Part of that love comes from it being a Texas owned business. Another part of that is the experience of going to Buc-ee's. Another would be the bathrooms you can dine in. I could on and on about why I love Buc-ee's.

Buc-ee's Road Trips

For us in East Texas, the closest Buc-ee's would be in Terrell. I live in Lindale so the drive is roughly an hour and a half depending on traffic. Any time I've made a trip to Dallas, I've stopped at Buc-ee's either going to or coming from, sometimes both. Me and my girlfriend have even made trips to Terrell for the sole purpose of stopping at Buc-ee's. Nothing wrong with adding to my collection of Buc-ee's t-shirts.

East Texas Buc-ee's Rumors

Rumors have also run rampant for many years, especially since Buc-ee's opened in Terrell, of one coming to East Texas. Even my parents fell into believing the Buc-ee's rumors of one coming to Lindale. That rumor has been as big as the rumor of Disney coming to Lindale back in the 80's and early 90's. It does make a lot of sense for Lindale to be a spot for a Buc-ee's, especially at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Toll 49. Wouldn't you agree that the area circled would be a perfect spot to build?

Google Maps
Google Maps
But there are some obvious metrics one can use to compare them all: size, bathrooms, parking, gas pumps, food selection, and a few other characteristics that set each one apart. - Chris O'Connell,

Rumors aside, taking a road trip in Texas is always fun. Depending on where you're going in Texas, making a planned stop at Buc-ee's is not out of the question for many. Chris O'Connell, a reporter for, took a trip around Texas specifically to stop at every Buc-ee's in the state. Read his full thoughts on each store at and see where the Buc-ee's in Terrell ranked on his list below.

33. Pearland - 2541 S. Main St., Pearland
32. Alvin - 780 Hwy 35 N. Bypass, Alvin
31. The First Ever Buc-ee's - Lake Jackson - 899 Oyster Creek Drive, Lake Jackson
30. Port Lavaca - 2318 W. Main, Port Lavaca
29. Eagle Lake - 505 E. Main St., Eagle Lake
28. Lake Jackson - 101 N. Hwy 2004,  Lake Jackson
27. Giddings - 2375 E. Austin St., Giddings
26. Cypress - 27106 US 290, Cypress
25. League City - 1702 League City Pkwy., League City
24. Angleton - 931 Loop 274, Angleton
23. Freeport - 1002 N. Brazosport Blvd., Freeport
22. Richmond - 1243 Crabb River Road, Richmond
21. Brazoria - 801 N. Brooks, Brazoria
20. Freeport - 4231 E. Hwy 332, Freeport
19. Pearland - 11151 Shadow Creek Pkwy., Pearland
18. Angleton - 2304 W. Mulberry St., Angleton
17. Luling - 10070 W. IH 10, Luling
16. Temple - 4155 N. General Bruce Drive, Temple
15. Texas City - 6201 Gulf Fwy., Texas City
14. Madisonville - 205 IH 45 S., Madisonville
13. Royse City - 5005 E. Interstate 30, Royse City
12. Waller - 40900 US Hwy 290 Bypass, Waller
11. Wharton - 10484 US 59 Road, Wharton
10. Katy - 27700 Katy Fwy., Katy
9. Denton - 2800 S. Interstate 35 E., Denton
8. Ennis - 1402 S. IH 45, Ennis
7. Terrell - 506 W. IH 20, Terrell
6. Lake Jackson - 598 Hwy 332, Lake Jackson
5. Baytown - 4080 E. Freeway, Baytown
4. Bastrop - 1700 Highway 71 E., Bastrop
3. Fort Worth - 15901 N. Freeway, Fort Worth
2. Melissa - 1550 Central Texas Expressway, Melissa
1. New Braunfels - 2760 IH 35 N., New Braunfels

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