Foxy Brown has responded on Instagram by saying she is "in no way endorsing" Donald Trump:

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Plenty of rappers have voiced their disapproval of Donald Trump, but a small group has been showing their support for the controversial presidential candidate. Foxy Brown can be added to the list of Trump supporters as she officially gave her endorsement of the Donald when speaking to the New York Daily News.

"No matter how many people sabotage his campaign, it keeps growing and growing and growing," Brown told the New York Daily News. "I know so many people won’t agree with me and will try to change my mind, but I’m a smart girl. I’m excited...I haven’t been this excited in so long. I know people say he’s a racist, but that’s just crazy."

Foxy Brown, who is a lifelong democrat, says she loves Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. It appears that was not enough to get her support though as she believes that Donald Trump has the unique ability to get things done. Brown didn't offer any details of what her support will entail, but told the Daily News that she would be doing "a lot" for Trump in the coming months.

The Firm member also said that she's turned down some opportunities to be a cast member on reality television shows. Brown felt that it would hurt her brand.

"It didn’t make sense for us,” Brown said. “You don't see any of the big stars doing that. Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige didn’t run in that direction. They kept their brand intact. We were like, no thank you. That just wasn’t for us.”

Foxy Brown has recently popped back up in the public eye as a few weeks ago she received Brooklyn's key to the city.

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