Rihanna Savage X Fenty Lingerie Available On Amazon Today
In case you were wondering why Rihanna hasn't done new music, it's because she has been busy with her Fenty line, more recently with her Savage X Fenty lingerie line. Lastnight was the star studded fashion show with names like Lizzo, Demi Moore, Normani, Paris Hilton and others walking the…
Pimento Cheese Or Nah?
I talked on the radio about how Chick Fil A (not here in Texas) is testing a spicy chicken sandwich with PIMENTO CHEESE! Leo and I both say, yes please! We both love pimento cheese. It reminds me of my childhood. There were the usual cold cuts available but also pimento cheese sandwiches were a thin…
How Do You Like Yours?
As heard on Leo & Rebecca in the morning, how do you like your Pop Tarts? Rebecca loves chocolate fudge Pop Tarts, fresh out of the toaster. Leo is weird. lol He likes strawberry Pop Tarts, NOT warmed up, gross.
How To Make Edible Sand For Small Children [VIDEO]
Mommas with small children, I saw this on TikTok and had to share! I sure wish I would have known about this when my kids were small. Edible sand is.....GENIUS! Think about it, little ones put everything in their mouths, so this is totally safe for them to be able to do so.
Why Am I Late To The Game? My New Fave TV Show [VIDEO]
So I had to look it up because I was not sure how long this show has been on the air and I'm shocked to learn it's been on for years (since 2001) because I barely discovered it. Smh. On the Discovery Channel oddly enough. How It's Made is one of my current favorite shows on tv! I watc…
Horrible Movies
I have been watching ALOT of movies lately, I mean when we were all safely staying home, what else was there to do? Some good, some bad but I actually sat through them all which has not always been the case. It made me think back to the ONE movie I walked out of at the movie theater. There literally…
Misheard Lyrics My Fave Boyz II Men Song [Video]
Ok I was today years old when I learned that I've been singing the lyrics wrong to one of my very favorite legendary Boyz II Men songs. Has this ever happened to you? Legit this song came out over 20 years ago and for whatever reason this morning I decided to look up the lyrics, WRONG!
Meatless Taco Tuesday
Happy Taco Tuesday! I'm always down for some tacos, but today was a little different than the tacos my family loves. I opted for meatless tacos. A fave amongst my significant other and I, my kids just think they're weird. lol

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