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Dad Jokes Are Awesome! Mom is Just Jealous.
As most of our listeners know by now, cheesy jokes are my spirit animal. I cant get enough of them. I may actually have a bit of a problem. Some people like methamphetamines, I'm a fool for the good ole cheesy dad joke.
My best friend James is the king of dad jokes and it may or may not be the r…
Lil Dicky is My Jam!
Lil Dicky has been one of my fav rappers for a few months now and I am ecstatic that he's now being played on B93. I always do my best to keep my eye on up and comers in the charts and it's always a good feeling when someone who you've been listening to for a while hits the top...
It’s National Cat Day!
Cats rule and dogs drool! Actually I like both but in honor of national cat day I'm inclined to give our feline friends mad props.
It seems very fitting that this time of year would be dedicated to our agile balls of claws and crazy. Halloween is definitely a cat time of year for obvious reasons…
The Halloween Master of Puns
I watched Tales From the Crypt religiously as a kid. The Crypt Keeper is easily one of my favorite television show hosts. He's the perfect combo of scary and comedic genius. Seriously, he gave me nightmares.
My mom still tells people about me falling asleep on the living room floor one Frid…
Crazy Way I Asked Rebecca To The Prom (Video)
Our 2nd Chance Prom is coming. Yep, May 23rd at the Midland Center. And, if you are like me and didn't go to Prom, here's your chance.
I never went to prom. Hell, I never went to a school dance. LOL
But, now I have a chance to do it. Maybe I never went because I never had the courage to ask …
How To Disco Part 2 – Check Out These Moves (Video)
Boogie Nights is coming up. That's right the ultimate DISCO party! Saturday April 18th at La Hacienda Event Center.
VIP Tables are gong fast. Get TICKETS HERE!
This is the second video I have put up that shows YOU how to DISCO DANCE! And, by the looks of this couple; it doesn't take much...

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