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Trey Songz Interview
Trey Songz chatted with Yasmin Young to talk about his new album 'Back Home,' his recovery from COVID-19, how being a father changed him, voting and so much more! Check out the interview here.
Weekend Movie Watch
Old Daddy Grumps is a grumpy old man who not only gives Leo and Rebecca a run down of all the movies coming into theaters for the weekend, but he gives them hell as well. Take a listen and you'll see what I mean.
Midland/Odessa Made TMZ
You know if you made TMZ, it's never a good thing. My only concern is how this will effect venues' decisions to bring bigger acts to Midland / Odessa again.
There's No Such Thing as Talent
According to UFC Champion Conor McGregor, there is no such thing is talent . . . and I think he makes a really good point. Conor was quoted as saying this when asked about his talent in the world of martial arts, "There's no talent here...
Jose Aldo May Not Get a Rematch
Jose is widely known as one of the greatest pound for pound fighters in history and there's a lot of talk saying that Conor McGregor landed a lucky punch. In any one punch fight you can expect as much, but Aldo may not get a chance to prove his fans right, due to his actions after the figh…
Fighter predictions for Aldo VS McGregor
UFC fans have waited long enough! The fight was delayed once already but its finally here. The time is finally here to see if Conor can back up all the trash he's been talking to UFC Champ Jose Aldo.
Aldo VS McGregor is the most hyped up and anticipated fight of the year...
Rhonda is Finally out and about again!
Following her defeat, Rhonda Rousey hasn't been seen in public at all but she's finally been spotted out and about again along side fellow UFC Fighter and boyfriend Travis Browne.
I think I speak for all male UFC fans when I say Rhonda, it's nice to see you again, but when you gonna dr…
Lil Dicky is My Jam!
Lil Dicky has been one of my fav rappers for a few months now and I am ecstatic that he's now being played on B93. I always do my best to keep my eye on up and comers in the charts and it's always a good feeling when someone who you've been listening to for a while hits the top...

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