Carmen Calls

Carmen Calls Guy About His Internet Issues
What can ruin your day? How about having horrible internet? What can ruin your day worse than that? How about being on the phone with the Cable guys? Wow, ok a lot happening here. But, Carmen is here to help, right?
Carmen Calls Guy About Job Reference
I've never understood job references. I want the job. Not my friend, not my relative, not my past co-workers. So, your going to rely on someone else to help influence whether I get this job? Kind of crazy. LOL A simple interview with me should give you a lot of information...
Carmen Tells Guy He Has To Give Up His Parking
Look, we all take our parking spot very seriously.  Whether it's the spot we fond at the store or our parking spot where we live. Don't mess with my parking spot! So, why does Carmen have to mess with this guy? Are you very intense when it  comes to your parking spot...

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